Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Textures: Grunge Lyonnaise

Well, I have returned from my lovely trip to France but appear to have brought back a mild dose of Swine Flu, along with the bottles of wine and jars of lavender and violet confiture. This is rather ironic, to say the least, as our hotel was next door to a health clinic where people were getting vaccinated for "La Grippe A". I'm by no means at death's door and as I'm otherwise in good health, my GP has not ordered a dose of the dreaded TamiFlu. However, I'm staying in bed for a few days in the hope that my condition won't escalate and I am already VERY bored, so have posted a some French textures in my Flickr Photo Stream. Feel free to use these for your personal, non-commercial projects but please credit me and send leave a link back here to your lovely creations.

Here are some previews with links:

Grab me here

Grab me here

Grab me here

Grab me here


La Dolce Vita said...

ooohhhh lovely!!! xo

Barbara said...


Fran said...

I love your work, and thank you for posting one of my images on your Flickr site, too. You're a talented and generous soul. I'm so glad to have found your work, as it warms my day!

Erin said...

you rock. I heart you!! Thanks!